Lab Results

All of our products are third-party tested. The test results below show cannabinoid profiles; to see the contaminants tests, please contact us.

Click a product below for test results. If you don't see the lot number on your label, check the bottom of the product. 


500mg CBD Oil:

Lot LH220826

Lot LH220316

Lot LH210629


500mg CBD Oil for Pets:

Lot LH220817

Lot LH220401

Lot LH211227


1000mg CBD Oil (Natural flavor):

Lot LH221101

Lot LH220624

Lot LH220311

Lot LH211228


1000mg CBD Oil (Mint flavor):

Lot LH220625

Lot LH220113

Lot LH210809


1800mg CBD Oil (Natural flavor):

Lot LH220312

Lot LH220115

Lot LH211019

Lot LH210610


1800mg CBD Oil (Mint flavor):

Lot LH210610M

Lot LHF07

Lot 90562


CBG Oil:

Lot LH220504

Lot LH220114

Lot LH210809G

Lot LH210420G


CBD Softgels:

Lot LH220825

Lot LH201106

Lot LHF103119


CBG/CBD Softgels




300 mg CBD Salve

500mg CBD Salve