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About Us 2

Lily Hill was founded in 2016 by husband and wife team John and Rebecca. John has an engineering background as well as over 20 years of growing and advocating for cannabis. He's worked on large organic vegetable farms and is constantly thinking of ways to become more efficient at farming. Rebecca previously worked in the public policy field and recently received her Family Herbalist certification at the Vermont Center For Integrative Herbalism. Lily Hill was born when John and Rebecca combined their mutual love of cannabis with their various talents and passions to grow hemp and create affordable CBD products.

Our Farm

Lily Hill Farm is tucked away on a beautiful hillside in the Green Mountains of Northern Vermont. We use organic and sustainable practices to grow our hemp because we firmly believe that anything you are putting in or on your body should be free of chemicals and pesticides. To show our commitment to environmental stewardship, we received our Clean Green certification in 2018.

Healthy plants start with healthy soil which is why we enrich our fields with organic fertilizers and a variety of minerals. We also add mycorrhizae, a beneficial fungus that attaches to plants' roots to help them absorb more nutrients.

In addition, we are big proponents of companion planting because other plants provide natural insecticides and fungicides for our hemp. The cannabis plant responds to companion planting with more vigorous growth, greater resistance to disease and pests and greater terpene production. We companion plant with chamomile, sunflowers, marigolds and many others. We use clover as a cover crop; this helps to suppress weeds, manage soil erosion, and enrich the soil with nitrogen. The best part is that we don't have to lay down a bunch of plastic to do the same job!

Crimson clover cover crop

Our Products

After harvest, the CBD and other cannabinoids are extracted from the hemp so they can be added to our products. Our CBD oils and softgels are made in FDA approved, GMP certified facilities and our salves are handmade in small batches at Lily Hill's headquarters. We use as many organic ingredients as possible--our salves are even made with calendula flowers grown on our farm! In an effort to reduce plastic, most of our packaging is made from glass (which we encourage you to recycle!).