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CBD topicals are often used to help with a number of skin or muscular issues. They may be the best option if you need temporary relief from dry skin or other muscle-related problems. Topicals can help stimulate the endocannabinoid receptors in the brain, providing relief from pain and irritation. While no studies currently confirm its effectiveness, CBD topical users believe the product helps alleviate these unwanted symptoms. Read on to learn more about CBD topicals and how they work.

What Are CBD Topicals?

CBD topicals are applied to the skin. Instead of ingesting CBD like food, you apply topicals containing CBD to specific areas of your body. The most common CBD topical form is a cream, balm, or lotion. Unlike regular lotions, CBD topicals are made with hemp extracts and offer more benefits to the user. Some examples of CBD products include salves, massage oils and muscle gels. At Lily Hill, we sell CBD lotions and salves made with organic ingredients for maximum benefit.

How CBD Topicals Work

Topical products infused with CBD are quickly absorbed into the skin. Those made with high-quality ingredients may provide immediate relief. When using CBD topicals, apply them generously to the affected area for better results. You may apply topicals up to four times each day. However, don't apply them to broken skin, as this might lead to irritation and other problems.

What Are CBD Topicals Used For?

CBD skin care products are primarily used to treat skin inflammation or muscle pains, improving the user's quality of life. They may even help those suffering from eczema and other skin conditions, such as psoriasis and acne. Some people may also use a topical cream to relieve arthritis symptoms or to keep their skin nourished and healthy. If you have sore muscles or dry skin, using CBD cream products may help you alleviate unpleasant symptoms.

Lily Hill offers two types of topicals — salves and lotions. If you're a new user, we recommend using our CBD Salve - Original Strength made with organic ingredients, such as essential oils, vitamin E, shea butter, and high-quality hemp extract. When your body is used to the effects of CBD, you may want to switch to our CBD Salve - Maximum Strength to get the most benefit. Instead of using regular lotions, we recommend using our CBD body lotion, a nongreasy formula that's easily absorbed by your skin.

How Long Do CBD Topicals Typically Last?

Our CBD topical products are made with natural ingredients and undergo a strict quality assurance process to help ensure their safety. The length of time the effects last may depend on factors such as your cannabinoid tolerance and your metabolism. Some users may get instant relief, while it could take some time for others.

If you're a first-timer, we recommend our CBD Salve made with 300 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD. Apply a generous amount to the affected for best results. However, keep in mind that our CBD products haven't been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Always consult with your doctor before using topicals, especially when you're on medication.

Try Lily Hill CBD Topicals Today

Lily Hill has been producing affordable CBD products since 2018, and we intend to continue making high-quality oils and topicals to help our users get the benefits of using CBD-infused products. We're quite confident with our products, which is why we offer a full refund to those who aren't satisfied with our oils or topicals. It's also our goal to assist disabled individuals, veterans, and low-income customers by offering them a 25% discount on our products.

All our products are pesticide- and chemical-free. Our quality assurance team also carefully monitors the process, from sourcing the ingredients to the bottling of our CBD oils or softgel capsules. Do you need CBD topicals to help alleviate skin problems and provide relief? We might be able to help. Contact us today.