Product Spotlight: CBD Salve

Product Spotlight: CBD Salve

We are excited to announce that we've just launched our Maximum Strength CBD Salve! We've listened to feedback from our customers who love our Original Strength Salve but needed something a little stronger so we infused it with 500mg of our full-spectrum CBD. 

If you're not familiar with CBD salve, it's a topical product that can be applied to the skin. Our salves are a favorite product of many of our customers (and our crew!) so we thought we'd give you a little peek at how we make them.

Our Ingredients

Our salves our powered by plants! They not only contain our hemp-derived CBD, but also extracts of arnica, chamomile and calendula. We grow these gorgeous flowers on our farm and infuse them in the organic olive oil that we use as the base for our salves. These plants each have their own medicinal properties:

  • Arnica (pictured below) is commonly used for relieving achy muscles and joints
  • Calendula is often found in baby skincare products because it is excellent for soothing irritated, sensitive skin.
  • While you're probably familiar with chamomile as a tea, it's also an excellent anti-inflammatory when used topically.

In addition to olive oil, our salves contain jojoba oil and shea butter to nourish the skin. This is all held together with beeswax and lightly scented with lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils to soothe your senses.

How it's Made

Our handmade salves are produced in-house in small batches to ensure quality, consistency and freshness. We think they're a lot of fun to make!

First, all of our ingredients are carefully weighed and measured. Then we melt the shea butter and beeswax in a double boiler until liquid. 

Next, we add the olive oil and CBD extract. We give it a good stir to ensure that the CBD is evenly distributed and then we add the essential oils. Finally, we carefully pour the hot liquid into individual tins. Once they cool to room temperature, we can put the lids on and label them. 

We hope you love our salves as much as we do. If you have any questions about these or any of our other products, don't hesitate to contact us!

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