Product Spotlight: CBD-Rich Hemp Flower

The most common question we are asked about our hand-trimmed hemp flower is "What exactly do people DO with it?" The simple answer: they smoke it. Some DIY'ers also use it to create their own CBD products, but that's for another post! In this post, we will outline the benefits of smoking our CBD-rich hemp flower.

You can smoke hemp flower for the same reasons you might take CBD oil or capsules (we mention some conditions for which you might use CBD in this post). The biggest advantage of smoking hemp is that the onset is very quick (seconds to minutes)! With CBD oil or capsules, it can take from 15 minutes to an hour to feel the effects. If you are looking for immediate relief from acute symptoms such as nausea or pain, smoking hemp might be a good option. Many people also like to smoke hemp flower as a sleep aid (strains that are high in the terpene myrcene, like Suver Haze  and Special Sauce, tend to have a slightly sedative effect).

Another common question about smoking hemp flower is "Will it get me high?". Our hemp flower does contain THC (the cannabinoid that makes you feel high or stoned), but at levels of .3 percent or less. For comparison, high-THC cannabis (aka, marijuana) typically contains five to 30 percent THC). Most people will not feel high after smoking hemp flower; however, those who are particularly sensitive to THC could feel high which is why we recommend starting with one or two puffs to see how you feel.

In fact, we have heard from several of our customers that they smoke hemp flower to replace the high-THC cannabis they were smoking. They enjoy the act of smoking and the relief it provides, but don't like the "high" feeling. Given that hemp looks, smells and tastes nearly identical to high-THC cannabis, it makes an excellent substitute. Many people avoid smoking high-THC cannabis because it can bring on anxiety; however, smoking CBD-rich hemp flower often has a much more relaxing effect that doesn't exacerbate anxiety. 

Here at the Lily Hill offices, we've developed an afternoon "tea and toke" ritual. During our afternoon break, we like to drink some herbal tea and enjoy a few puffs of our hemp flower (we find Lifter to be great daytime option). After our break, we are refreshed, relaxed and ready to get back to work!

Tell us in the comments below how you like to add hemp flower into your daily routine.

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